Monday, May 7, 2012

The Perfect One

Hand in hand we walked
Across the field
On that dark night
I held back my tears
(But you knew I was weak)
I had run away
Tried to ignore you
But I always come back
(Or I always had)
If you could still stay
I would never leave
(So I said)
Though I may walk away
My mind does not leave you
(It still hasn't)
You always find me
Bring me back to you
Take me in your arms
Make me smile
(You did your best)
Hand in hand we walked
That dark night
Every dark night
You took my pain
You tried to stop it
(But could you?)
You made me smile
(But was it enough?)
You were the best
(So why did I leave you?)
Together we were fantastic
(Alone I am poor)
Patient and kind
Loving and sweet
The most perfect girl
(Too good for me)