Monday, April 26, 2010

The Apple

Look at the apple, shiny and red.
Great looking on the outside
But inside it's rotten and dead.

You don't know what's on the inside
Because you haven't looked
At what the shiny skin can hide.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Shrinking Room

I had seen the walls closing in on me
But the ceiling has suddenly dropped too.
I knew the end was coming shortly
But this end is something new.

It isn't so much the fact I'll be gone
It really must be okay on the other side.
I'm just scared of how I'll see a new dawn
And how I lose all of my pride.

The ceiling is moving so quickly now
It's pushing down on my back.
The weight brings sweat to my brow
And my vision turns black.

Don't let go.
I'm not ready.
Don't let go.
It can't be time yet.

The floor pushes up on my feet
The force is too much to bear for long.
My body wants to admit defeat
But I can't yet; it's wrong.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gatsby and Standin 2

Agents Gatsby and Standin hadn't done much,
Just go to Super Fresh for groceries and such.
They knew they were in an excitement slump,
But weren't sure how to get out... unless they jump!

So they looked to the window of the room
And towards that same window did they zoom.
Out they crashed with reckless abandon,
When Gatsby turned and said to Standin,

"Do you realize what we've just done?
We may as well shot ourselves with a gun.
We freaking jumped out of the 31st floor.
We're about to die, need I say more?"

Standin looked to his friend in surprise,
Studying the fear in Gatsby's eyes.
Wasn't he a man of science and fancy,
Who could save their lives and do a little dance-y?

Gatsby soon realized their only chance,
"Standin, use your voice! Perchance
Its greatness will save our butts!
Then maybe we'll go for sherbets?"

And so as the 10th floor went by
Standin shouted out, with a great cry,
"Hey world, listen to my voice!
Also, I enjoy reading James Joyce!"

I still don't quite understand this part.
Gatsby and Standin were saved by a shopping cart.
It flew in from the east and caught them mid-fall,
But to the pair of friends, it wasn't exciting at all.

"Gatsby, we're still in an excitement slump!
I thought the only way out, you said, was jump!"
"Standin, amigo, you can't yet doubt me.
That was just insufficient velocity."

So Gatsby went on with sciency science stuff
To give the next jump's speed a great buff.
And soon they jumped from the Statue of Liberty,
Having fun again, ignoring the rules of safety.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quantum Feelings

Superposition says
Something can be in two places at the same time.
My heart responds,
"Even jolly and distraught, great and less than prime."

Use your quantum mechanics on my heart.
You can see all the classical models,
When you just tear things apart.

Collapse says
One classical model will eventually arise.
My heart responds,
"Which model will it be then, do you surmise?"

Will the result come out to happy or hurt?
I hope to be glad in my heart,
But now it has no comfort.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To High School Students of the Future

I know, I know
You don't want to read this.
Yes, you're right
The teacher's over-analyzing.

Try to focus,
Put in some real effort.
You may find
Some poetry is really good.

Can it speak to you?
Sure it can!
Can it help you out?
Of course!

Maybe it seems
A waste of your time.
Maybe you care
Not about Keats' rhyme.

But think.

These short lines
Can contain
Worlds of meaning.

These short lines
Can contain
Life changing words.

These short lines
Can contain
Solution to your problem.

I know, I know,
You don't care who I am.
You probably shouldn't.

The author matters not.
Only poem, and the words in 't.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Void

There's something missing
Something inside me
Just isn't there

What could it be?

I feel unfulfilled
With a gap
In my heart

How can I fill it?

I want to enjoy life
Or maybe distract
From this hollow

Where can I hide?

It is always with me
Inside of me
Expanding out

Why is it there?

I don't know the cause
Nor the cure
Just the hurt

When will it stop?

It disappears for a moment
And then returns

Who can help me?

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Man, I'm just so BORED
No motivation at all
General annoyance is assured
Because I'm not having a ball

I can't get past this boredom
There's just nothing to do
Everything around seems dumb
I want something fun or new

All I've got is written word
And I've done that plenty before
But this poem seems absurd
Though to do, there's nothing more

It's depressing me a bit
Now I'll get into a self-hating fit
And that's never fun

What'll I do
But plan a self-coup?
Aah, I'm attacking, have to run!

Do you really know?

Do you really know
The way I feel?
Your great appeal
To me?
Do you really know
What you mean?
How I'm so keen
For you?
Do you really know
Your immense power?
Or your high stature
To me?
Do you really know
How much I need you?
I live, it's true,
For you.