Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Poem

So I have written a poem
And played by my own rules.
Using my favored art form
And all it offers and fuels

To make me more a man.
Poetry itself has helped build me.
Through works good and bad,
I have been formed greatly.

In fact, I may forsake
My old "uncreative" Jay.
Such a thing
Could never help me say

That I am I
And nothing more than this.
For poetry is in me,
Not to be dismissed.

So I have written a poem,
My verse has made me free.
It's helped bring me to my best.
Most surely.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Greatest Regret

I let down my guard
Then had to let her go
One hasty choice
Then a second harder blow
I learn from mistake
So there's so much to learn
And what I've lost
I wholly plan to re-earn
I failed myself
But will forgive, not forget
Someday I'll be past
That, my greatest regret

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lovely Lady

You are quite beautiful, darling,
And very pleasing to the eye.
Your appearance is very alluring;
Prettier than the vast blue sky.

You have pulchritude to spare
And possess stunning looks, my dear.
Looked upon, you are seen to be fair,
And sight of you brings me cheer.

Pleasant in your form you are truly
And gorgeous as you go through your days.
Always passing fine, fetching, and foxy,
You, stunning girl, still always amaze.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Don't need to be spread
Like butter on biscuits
Which are good with gravy
That I pour on a sore head
To help ease the pain
Caused by tragic loss
Of delicious beef briskets
Made my my old grandpa
Whose name was Albert
And he had played jayvee
Football in high school
When he heard about that slut


She was really a lovely gal
Never more to a guy than a pal
The reputation only came
From a girl by the name
Janet who hated the "whore"
Only because the girl had more
Words in her vocabulary
Including the word "wherry"
And so Janet started the word
Which my grandpa one day heard
And so he went to meet this "Gwen"


He went to her house and knocked on the door
She opened up to find this man she'd never knew
Who pushed her down onto her cold hardwood floor
And whispered into her ear exactly what he'd do
Which made the virgin cry out "Oh please no!"


That's the story of why I exist at all
My mother was born out of a rumor
Daughter of a lovely young doll
And a douche who died of a tumor

Petty jealousy had caused the rape
Due to words with great potence
But from rumor there is no escape
Every last one is a life sentence

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am the mediator of the great salty seas
As they join the fresh waters of the land
The two so unlike then fuse together in me
And form something new different and grand

Without my mighty and powerful existence
Salt and fresh water would seem so apart
But within my water and inside my shores
Seek and you will find the greatest heart