Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ode to The Cardinal Gibbons School

We all expect our parents to die,
Friends to fade, love to pass.
Our school, a place we hold on high,
We think is always to last.

Four years I spent in that place,
Growing fond of my setting.
As I walked out, it was kicked in the face,
For another year it wasn't getting.

Anger, hate, hostility, bitterness,
All breaking out in the ranks.
Authority, faculty, students like us,
Alumni, moms, all with tanks.

The groups fought and bickered,
No two could ever quite agree.
Hope to some never flickered,
Though hope was never there to see.

In the end, most came together
As a great Crusader family.
For they were all held to the same tether.
Gibbons lives on in you and me.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Double Standard

Shame on you for what you have done.
Stop your dumb laughing, it wasn't fun.
I'm quite mad at you for doing this.
Our friendship I'm about to dismiss.

What? No she doesn't have to worry too.
What she did was hardly like with you.
Nothing was half as bad from her acts.
What you did from you quite detracts.

No, no, the things were not the same.
The work of you was great to defame.
All she did was a minor little mishap.
Now get out of here and cut your crap!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Man in a Tie

There once was a man,
The Man in a Tie,
Who stood in the back
With his watchful eye.

Everything seemed good
Under his control,
Each coming problem
Hid from his patrol.

The Man in a Tie
Seemed almost regal.
He was just so good,
Quite phenomenal.

But it wasn't this man
Who was really in charge,
The man and his tie
Weren't really so large.

The Man with Flipflops
Was king of the court.
The Man in a Tie
Nothing of this sort.

Yet with shirt and tie,
The man still held rule.
Needed not title,
As Flipflop Fool.

It was the good work
From which he derived
Virtue and honor,
Both of which thrived.

The Man in a Tie
Had done really well.
But the day must come,
Where he says farewell.

After he has left,
Pick up all the slack.
Honorable work
Brings his mem'ry back.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


All is Silent and I am alone.
The Quiet consumes me.
Must find distraction... cell phone!
Thus to texting spree.

Seconds tick along but I can't wait.
There will be no reply.
Please, end the dead air I hate,
Loathing introspection is nigh.

Sound, I can summon Sound,
With guitar and voice.
This I couldn't do with others around.
This is a good choice.

Let My Love Open the Door, I sing,
With no one to hear.
Silence, give me all you can bring,
You I no longer fear!

My guitar and my voice are strong,
If a bit dissonant.
With just one little Townshend song,
Things aren't stagnant.

I've defeated you, Noiselessness,
You are no more.
Silence cannot bring me madness,
Music is my cure.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


If he is the one without a choice,
How have I controlled you with my voice?
Yes, I have commanded him what to do,
But he's just more likely to then argue.
When you're asked in just such a way,
You then have no other choice what to say.
His choice lies in an act of defiance,
With his "no" may come greater brilliance.
Your choice has not quite been there,
You assumed my question to you was ever fair.
Go ahead and think that you have the option,
You saying "no," now that is a truly absurd notion.

Monday, June 21, 2010


If there's but one thing
That you need to know,
It's just don't hold on
Let confidence go.

Confidence will kill
You, calm and so sure,
Take your fearlessness,
Throw it on the floor.

Murphy is the law
In Confidence Land,
Where all you are dealt
Is an awful hand.

But there is a way
To a decent chance.
Look at each problem
Before you advance.

Acknowledge you're weak,
Be modest and mild.
Always be ready
If things become wild.

Just don't turn cocky
In your modesty.
Keep your head down low,
You'll do swimmingly.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fibers of Friendship

A single fiber is easy enough to break
Pull it apart with your bare hands
Not hard at all

Take some time, put in some effort
Twist together fibers and fibers
Make yourself a thread

The thread is a bit stronger than before
But still possible to break in your hands
Perhaps it'll unravel

But take some threads and some more time
Intertwine them, make them more
For now you have a string

Now the string is harder to break
Though with tension and a karate chop
It would fall apart

With more work, more time, more finesse
The string can be built upon
To make a hefty rope

Rope is strong, so strong, but can be more
Tie it in an immortal knot
And it will be the best it can be

But still it can break
With a simple little slash
From a sword

Monday, June 14, 2010


I've built so many walls
Circling around me
Installed a bear who mauls
Anyone coming
The rain above still falls
On me, all alone
Lone with all the nightfalls
The darkness around

Yet you came right in
Without any pratfalls
Found some way to me
Walking as if through halls
Beating my defenses
How still to me appalls

You sidestepped pitfalls
Avoided security brawls
Dodged occasional fireballs
Were unphased by narwals
Flying, at that, memory recalls

Spitball forestalls goofball dolls
But you are inside my walls

My only ally forever enthralls

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm moving along
Thousands of fathoms under the sea
I can't begin to fathom
How anyone could fathom down to me

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Woke up in a strange place
Looked around to place the place
In its place in the universe
A ship it was, I so deduced
A ship unfamiliar to me
A ship, flying ship
with no one on it to see
I panicked, stayed calm
Ran slowly with care
Found the control room
Got my bearings
On what exactly was there
At least I think
I thought
Or so I thunk
A few controls were easy
But they were hardest of all
I managed to move forward
If forward is forward at all
Just as I'm getting a bit better
At getting the ship to just go
I'm hijacked, forced off
To a new ship I must go
New ship
New controls
New forward
New journey?
Yes, with more ways to die.