Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Poet

I have toiled and labored for my art
And poured out everything in my heart
In the creation of these great idea shrines
My mind is all wrung out for these few lines

Each word I raise to a higher plane
Carefully formed into haiku or quatrain
They come to me to become exalted
All they need is to be rightly flaunted

The words and the poet in divine harmony
Using each other for their great journey
Leapfrogging together to new heights
They reign then as the poet now writes

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Love Across the Room

I see you there across the room my dear
You are unflawed in each and every way
Dark hair falls down though tucked behind one ear
Your smile makes me inside feel just so gay
Brown eyes wander around gazing at all
And cheeks recalling hues of pink roses
Your lips reach out to me with their love's call
Take care they say to not hit our noses
You stand and start to walk away from this
But where could you go off to lone right now
Soon you'll be gone from life and from my kiss
Thus I can not lose track I so avow
I will persue as you search through some life
Still you will soon become all mine my wife

Friday, August 20, 2010

Gatsby and Standin 3

Gatsby and Standin were fighting crime
In the form of a drug-dealing, murderous mime
And by fighting I literally mean fisticuffs
Over a vat of various boiling hot foodstuffs

The mime silently threw invisible knives
At the heroic pair's imaginary (extremely sexy) wives
Gatsby dove quickly with a really big "NO!"
Was hit with the knives and turned aglow

Nothing was more important than his imaginary wife
And when she was threatened he'd give up his life
But that has nothing to do with the Gatsby-spewed light
Which was completely the work of Standin in his might

Blah blah blahbity blah Standin's voice did it
I don't plan to bore you with every last little bit
Basically what happened is Gatsby and Standin won
And they found the entire experience to really be fun

Oh and don't worry, Gatsby isn't at all dead
I mean, honestly, the knives were in his head
An evil mime isn't suddenly evilly magical
Although this one did have an evil third ankle

The mime rotted in prison but went out loudly
At least by mime standards, and did so proudly
While Gatsby and Standin spent the night with the girls
As they went to the park to chuck acorns at squirrels

Standin sent in a knuckle-acorn really well
And then the squirrel army raised some major hell
As Gatsby and Standin were distracted from their ladies
So opened up the fabled Gates of Hades

The pair of thought-up babes fell right in
And Gatsby and Standin exchanged a quick grin
Those ladies had been holding them so far back
Now the fun would begin anew with this unprecedented squirrel attack

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I wuv Jersey and they posting 4 mirrorpicysss
Waking class likes Ngata
Anybody I meeting is sippin Bowie
All super movie
I is ready, Skype
Excited carnval
Two misses

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Great Honor

A greater honor than I ever dreamed of attaining
Was suddenly bestowed upon me the other day
I've been told to dispose of the opportunity
But to that I quickly and easily say "No way"

Lord knows I haven't lived the most honest life
But I'll take a blessing when it comes to me
Perhaps someday in the greater scheme of things
Even more honored and bless├ęd I could be

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Bear and bird
The unlikely pair
Must now fight
Through Grunty's Lair
Save Tooty
Little sister bear
From clutches
Of the hag up there
Learn new skills
From the myopic mole
Careful in
Clanker's blowhole
Play the quiz
Then in your hero's role
Battle now
The witch atop her pole
Take her down
With the Jinjonator
Win the game
As you decimate her
Well except
For about two years later
She returns
Rises anew from that crater
Battle 'gain
You two are greater

Monday, August 16, 2010

Jay "The Poet" Kane

Jay "The Poet" Kane,
Posting poetry again.
I wonder if he would throw a fit
When he realizes no one reads it.

Life Keeps Going On

What I wouldn't give to live it all twice
The times I had weren't perfect, but nice
There's plenty of changes I'd like to make
But I'd still take it the same, no mistake

So maybe I did a few people a few wrongs
Perhaps I should have written a few songs
Things didn't always turn out their best
But in the end I suppose I was blessed

Life keeps going on
Though I would like a rewind
I must look ahead

But I can't look ahead, not just yet
I'm still on the times I can't forget
My wonderful past is still on my mind
Even if sometimes I just felt inclined

To belittle its happenstances
And regret a couple of dances
It was not a heroic epic
But still just fantastic

I must look ahead
Though I would like a rewind
Life keeps going on

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Farewell, Not Goodbye

It's time to grow up
Time to live new life
But the transition
Is what causes me strife

I hate to leave behind
Friends family and familiar
But it's a necessary evil
As I best can figure

And as we must bid adieu
I can't say goodbye to you
On now we cannot dwell
Just go out and fare well

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last Time We Talked

Last time we talked
You said that
I truly am
A good person

You said that
So many times
I started to believe

I truly am
Worthwhile to be
Your friend but

A good person
Never regrets the
Last time we talked

Friday, August 13, 2010

Millard Fillmore

Thirteenth president, Millard Fillmore,
Reigns undisputed as most obscure.
Of him and his legacy all know something
And that is all about Know Nothing.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Darling

I find myself enticed when I'm looking at you
Your curvy form
And beautiful shine
I hold you close to me and feel at home
Melodies sing
With us joined
I love to run my hands over your neck and body
A graceful show
Our wondrous harmony
I want to be with you always and forever
You sexy thing
My beloved guitar

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


shy, sheepish
listening, watching, hoping
young, naive, old, matured
acting, working, doing
strong, stalwart

Monday, August 9, 2010


Gaze upon your reflection
Look only at yourself
Dissatisfaction reigns
You aren't good enough

Hold thoughts of hate
Disdain for yourself
Imperfections galore
You aren't good enough

Think about people
All around in your life
Others so beautiful
You aren't good enough

Notice now the mirror
See it's bends and waves
Trickery dominates
It isn't good enough

Reconsider your view
Find a pure reflection
Pulchritude shows
You are good enough

Sunday, August 8, 2010


You are fallible
Expectations fail
When the wind changes
Prepare to adjust sail
Learn the great arts
Of go with the flow
And work only with
The things that you know
Be ever prepared
For circumstance's change
Before you're left
With no home on the range

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hopeless, Worthless, Useless, Helpless

Hopeless to write
Hopeless to wrong
Hopeless to correct

Worthless to compose
Worthless to conduct
Worthless to organize

Useless to print
Useless to script
Useless to cursive

Helpless to author
Helpless to scribe
Helpless to poet

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You Did the Right Thing

You did the right thing
But still hold regret
There you are brooding
Just down and upset

You know it was right
The only pure pick
Still that single night
Can make you feel sick

You were good so good
Stayed away from sin
You did as you should
And as such you win

You know it hurts now
But it's a long haul
Tell the moment ciao
Just keep standing tall


Always right there when I need to find you,
Always the perfect one whom I can talk to,
Always around when I've got some problem,
Always ready to be my family, my chum.

You have helped me see clearly in time of hurt,
You help me when I'm kneeling down in the dirt,
You see me in a way that's entirely uncommon,
You make me move along, do the job of a yeoman.

So I come to you, when I have no more hope,
So you can then make me no longer mope,
So I find a decent way to keep going,
So then I mature and always stay growing.

Always right there when I need to find you,
Always the perfect one whom I can talk to,
Always around when I've got some problem,
Always my grandfather, always post mortem.

Monday, August 2, 2010

You Didn't Ask

You didn't ask and you don't know.
Why did you assume the story was whole?
I wanted to say, to let it all go.
Telling you everything is always my goal.

Sometimes I just need some help from you.
Please realize when there are things left unsaid.
Coax the rest out, that's all you need to do.
Then you own the key to the thoughts in my head.


A friend is someone who
Will sit with you
Discuss Winnie the Pooh
Pass a tissue
Mess around with kung-fu
Share a bit of fondue

But a better friend will
See what in you is real
Take you at that point until
Out of their own freewill
Mountain is made out of molehill
They have no more goodwill
And the friendship then will spill

And then a wholly true friend
One who will stay to the end
On whom you so much depend
Sees your faults and each trend
Your failings then works to mend
They overlook the time you offend
Only good to you do they ever intend
That sort of person is a godsend
Hold on tight to a wholly true friend