Friday, August 2, 2013

A Musing in Spring

A curious cat wanders through a field
on a cool, clear spring day
as the Sun moves past its peak,
shining beams of life-giving light
down upon me as I sit and observe the scene.
There must have been a picnic earlier,
as I see the cat stop and nibble on a cookie,
perhaps a ginger snap
which personally I would prefer in the fall
along with some pumpkin dip,
but I am no expert in the palate of a cat.
Beautiful goldenrod surrounds it all,
increasing in pulchritude as it perfectly
catches the firey Sun's light.
Inspired, I rise to my feet
and light a match.
The Sun desires fire
as do I.
I drop the flame;
the cat flees.
The flowers transform
into licks of red,
of orange and yellow,
more magnificent than ever
in their last moments.
The remaining evidence of that picnic
surely is burnt to a crisp,
and I relish in its destruction.
As for me,
I do not move.
The Sun desires fire,
and so I shall become.
The cat may have gone away,
but someday it too shall be part of the fire
she and I together gone.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Damned Secret

Damned Secret,
Why must you curse me so?
I have not spoken of you;
Please let me go.
Lurking in my shadow –
You've followed me for too long –
Striking at me constantly;
I find it hard to be strong.
What have I done,
Damned Secret, that I deserve you?
I have done no wrong
And we have not an issue,
Aside from your torture
And your hatred of me.
Still, I continue to dream
Of the day I am set free.

I hope it will come soon,
Damned Secret,
The day of your death.
But until it comes,
I shall give to you no breath.
A damned secret you shall remain,
Never to be known.
I shall ignore you just enough
To someday be left alone.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

One Secret

lonely lie
weak moment
to lose it
lonely guy
wanting to be
with you
friendly face
warm smile
to comfort
lovely girl
never to be
with me

History Repeats

A second time around
Yet knowing even less
Same mistakes
Made worse
Leading to a mess
Memories of before
Remaining as a curse
Though hated
Not feared
Among mistakes diverse
Failing once again
As was fated
Such dumb
Cruel acts
So it was stated

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Poetry Because

Writing for you
just 'cause you asked me to
Hoping to please;
always kind to ladies
Half-hearted attempt;
shown by writing, unkempt
But why not?
What else have I got?
Poems regained
to I, having been drained
Creativity back;
my mind to unpack
Sexy endeavor,
this poetic letter
Lady enticer
with poems ever nicer
Lyrical flex
leading to elevator sex

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Unable to Sleep

My head is filled with thoughts
Heavy with its ponderings
You'd think it easy to fall asleep
As gravity must surely be pulling hard on those ideas
Grabbing my head and dropping it onto a pillow

But my mind burns inside of me
Roasting my very soul
I find such torture does not help the spirit rest

So where am I left
And what have I to do
Existing, not living, in consciousness begrudged

I beg for repose
A moment of rest
But lay myself down
And my heart pounds at my chest

To calm it all down
I just want it all to stop
I wish I knew how
Guess tonight I'll stay up

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Perfect One

Hand in hand we walked
Across the field
On that dark night
I held back my tears
(But you knew I was weak)
I had run away
Tried to ignore you
But I always come back
(Or I always had)
If you could still stay
I would never leave
(So I said)
Though I may walk away
My mind does not leave you
(It still hasn't)
You always find me
Bring me back to you
Take me in your arms
Make me smile
(You did your best)
Hand in hand we walked
That dark night
Every dark night
You took my pain
You tried to stop it
(But could you?)
You made me smile
(But was it enough?)
You were the best
(So why did I leave you?)
Together we were fantastic
(Alone I am poor)
Patient and kind
Loving and sweet
The most perfect girl
(Too good for me)