Saturday, May 25, 2013

Damned Secret

Damned Secret,
Why must you curse me so?
I have not spoken of you;
Please let me go.
Lurking in my shadow –
You've followed me for too long –
Striking at me constantly;
I find it hard to be strong.
What have I done,
Damned Secret, that I deserve you?
I have done no wrong
And we have not an issue,
Aside from your torture
And your hatred of me.
Still, I continue to dream
Of the day I am set free.

I hope it will come soon,
Damned Secret,
The day of your death.
But until it comes,
I shall give to you no breath.
A damned secret you shall remain,
Never to be known.
I shall ignore you just enough
To someday be left alone.

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