Saturday, April 30, 2011

Best Friends

I feel grown up
Through you
It is by that
What we do

I have fun now
In what you say
I'm glad to see you
Day after day

I'm influenced here
Through you
It is by our growth
That I am new

I don't know myself
As you say
But you know me
And that's okay

I trust so quickly
Through you
It is by you there
That I'm true

I am relaxed
In all we say
And we still bond
In horseplay

A best friend is a very precious treasure
One that you hold in your heart forever

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Molybdenum, Molybdenum,
What do you do
Sitting on the table,
Number 42?

Do you use your strength
To punch a jerk
Or keep me awake
Through a day of work?

Do you fuse together
Pieces of metal
Or bring out the color
Of a rose petal?

Is it perhaps how I eat
And the way that I chew
Or the way that I concentrate
As I learn about you?

No, it's none of this at all,
Molybdenum, forgive me.
The things you do are
Still wonderful, as I see.

You work with some enzymes
To let me safely pee
And keep my teeth strong
For my smile bright to be.

How can I thank you
Molybdenum, my friend?
It seems you're with me
From beginning to the end.

I appreciate all that you do
And all your great effort,
Molybdenum, so superior
To those six gases inert.

Thursday, April 14, 2011



I hurt.

You hurt.

It's my fault.

How can I get over the guilt?

Nevermind that though, it doesn't matter.

How can I ever get you to forgive me, Dearest?

Be my friend.

The End of an Era

And so it closes
Comes to an end
As I desperately hope
I'm still a friend
I can't help but wonder
Where I went wrong
It all seemed right
Though I hadn't thought long
I really truly must
Apologize to you
But I know it
Would never seem true
I hate that it closes
Comes to an end
Please I need you
Comfort me, friend.