Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Look Behind You

What's that you're about to do?
You couldn't! There's no way!
...Would you?

Don't you realize that I'm watching?
Each move. Every word.
I'm seeing.

Why don't you watch what you say?
Guard things. Be good.
...Not today.

Perhaps it's better for me like this?
I see it all. Really you.
Not just bliss.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Great antagonists, logic and trust
The latter, in friendship, a must
But will you let go of logic?
Should you let go of it?

I can't help it, sometimes trust fails.
I see something; the strings of logic it entails.
But what when the logic is wrong?
Did you mess up everything now?

One false string of inference ties you
To information making a friendship snafu
But how can you fix it?
Can you admit the wrong?

And what about the times when
Trust fails you again?
Isn't it sometimes better
To trust logic over friend?
Maybe that's what helps
Them in the end.

Great dilemma, logic or trust.
Pick carefully, each time. You must.

Monday, May 17, 2010

To a Friend

We had some good times, some bad.
Of all the times, happy and so sad,
I wouldn't take one back anymore
Because now is now always, therefore
I take the good here, help it grow
Try to forget about... well, you know
What we've got now is grand
Just live it, never bland
Keep moving on, moving to better
All we've done is drop the fetter

No More Black

The world doesn't need me
I'm worthless in it all
Used to be without me
The world would just fall

Evil isn't afoot any longer
Nor a hand, eye, or left nut
My cape is on my back
And I still can fly but

The world doesn't care
They don't need my type
Just can't live up to the hype

How am I supposed to live
Without work to do?
Evil Armenia Man
Where the hell are you?

I'm trying to move on
But I have lost my goals
It feels as though my heart
Is just so full of holes

What I can do now
Without superheroing?
I don't know how to file papers,
Pave driveways, or make a bed spring.

I need you evil,
Your darkness and black.
Only with you
Can Romania Man come back.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Presidents

Washington was the man of founding the nation
Adams was the man of general dislike
Jefferson was the man of moderation
Madison was the man the British didn't really like

Monroe told Europe to stay away
But John Quincy Adams was the real mind for that
Jackson survived assassination one day
Van Buren's Boys assaulted Cosmo Kramer (It's a fact!)

Harrison barely survived a month
Tyler is permanent president, Congree agrees
Polk was a strong president and oh crap nothing rhymes with month
Taylor died of from cold milk and cherries

Fillmore had the Compromise of 1850
Pierce pierced 'em in '52
Buchanan and William King were flirty
Lincoln won the Civil War, WOOHOO!

Johnson sucked some major ass reconstructing
Grant sucked some major ass too
Hayes' election sucked some major ass
Garfield wasn't bad 'till he died

Arthur reformed the civil service
Cleveland for his bastard son took flak
Harrison came a century after Washington's greatness
Cleveland found his way back

McKinley brought power to the president
Roosevelt had some sort of big stick
Taft needed a new tub to be a White House resident
Wilsonian idealism makes me sick

Harding's big accomplishment was nothing
Coolidge worked with that nothing as well
Hoover saw the great crash of everything
Roosevelt made ol' Hitler say farewell

Truman's loved by the historical revisionist
Eisenhower was lazy in a way
Kennedy seems to be quite earnest
Johnson's damned by 'Nam to this day

Nixon broke the law with Watergate
Ford bailed Nixon out of his crimes 
Carter bailed Chrysler with government money
Reagan... I can't remember what I was going to say

Bush the elder kicked Saddam Hussein's ass
Clinton liked Monica Lewinsky's
Bush the younger left no child behind
Obama's wife fights big tushy child obesity

That's all the presidents we've had
One up through fourty-four
Unless we get blowed up by Kim Jong Ill
We're set for many more

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Deadly Mistake

I know I'll win
He's a chump
I'll get out
Without a bump

Throw a punch here
A kick there
His attack misses
All but hair

I've got it won
He's just lost
His white towel
Shoulda been tossed

I celebrate
With just me
The fight's over
Just not for he

He pulls out
A pocketknife
His tool which
Ends my life

The deadly mistake
Assuming I'd win
My greatest sin

Thursday, May 13, 2010

28 minutes (and 18 months)

I had
The dagger.
It was
In your hand
So long.
It never moved,
Just stared at
My heart.
I didn't think
It would ever
Stab me.
But it did,
It did, it did,
It did.
I am cold,
So cold.
Chekov knew
The dagger would
Metal in
My heart.
I'm cold,
I'm cold.
It can't
Be true,
Can it?
It can't
Be through,
Can it?

I'll die.

Death, yes
That's it,
Die now.
Death is
The way
I won't
be cold,

And scream
At you.
My dearest,
My killer,
I hate you.

I'm still
In fact,
I might be
More alive.
The dagger,
The blade;
It's fake.
Never really
A threat
To me.
A trick,
A gag,
I'm okay.
I'm fine!
28 minutes
In hell,
And I'm fine!

The dagger
Is gone
I have
To fear.
Where to go
From here?

18 minutes

2:56, I'm not feeling too great.
Honestly, life just sucks.
I hate the way I live and walk and talk.
Events wait to shoot me like hockey pucks.

The phone in my pocket starts to ring.
Sigh, I think, dreading the call,
Pick it up, say hello, watch it be awkward.
(It turned out awkward after all.)

Some things were said that brought me down.
I tried, oh I tried to be good.
As things happened to turn out,
Be good I could.

The other end was no happier, no more free,
But at least mildly comforted and logical with me.

As we said goodbye, my life had been changed.
3:14 my angst had rearranged.
No longer were my choices and situation bad,
In fact, of my decisions I am rather glad.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Door

It's rather cold here
Standing in the rain
There's thunder, lightning
Annoyance, and pain

Wetter and wetter
Shivering in fear
I'm not having much fun
Just being out here

There is a way out
I see a door there
What is behind it
For I'm unaware

So many things good
Could hide just inside
Feelings of joy, glee
Happiness, and pride

I could have a ball
A jolly good time
Taking me, nothing
It may me sublime

But what if that's wrong
The other side sucks
Torment forever
My face in buttocks

The door taking me
To eternal crap
Never grin again
Always in a trap

I can't make a choice
Staying here or not
The door is tempting
But I've done all naught

Option one, hurt here
Option two, gamble
I can't chance the door
Stay here, stay loyal

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Propensity of the Heart

Hi, hello there, how are you?
I'm so glad to meet again,
I hope you are too.

Such a surprise, is this real?
I'm overtaken by it,
By just how I feel.

Odd, unusual, maybe weird?
That someone like you, by me
Would be so endeared.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


It feels so good
I never want to stop.
I keep coming
For more, else I'll pop.

But I do know
It is rather bad.
That doesn't cease
Addiction I've had.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Time, to all wounds, is healer
They all think as one.
They're wrong, of course, for
Time is a demon.

It hides behind fabric,
A world we cannot see.
The curtain hides it,
We go obliviously.

Growing older and older,
Time gets its man.
It can afford to wait
Longer than you can.

It pulls you away here,
Rips you away from there.
Draws you from happiness
Into deep dark despair.

Your wounds it doesn't
Much care to heal.
But salting them up
It finds great appeal.

Time is not on your side.
Each step it takes, each stride
Is against you.
Your friends too.

Soon you're done.

Time has won.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Red Shirt

Look at that, over there.
Do you see that man's shirt?
What about that shirt?
Can't you tell about it, oh! and his hair?

Why, they're both red, my friend!
It's so plainly easy to see.
Just think: explain the shirt to me
Except I'm blind from life's start to end!

How could you describe that color
To a blind person, do you think?
Red is a foreign concept, as a Martian's stink.
I'm glad I'm not blind, to know red, chartruse, azure.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The things you do,
Things you say
Don't quite match up,
Aren't okay.
You cause some crap
The sole hitch
Keeping me down
Is the fact that I can't bring myself to complete this line.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Pain

Bam! He falls to the ground, writhing in pain.
Things were so bad he was driven insane.
The impact was hard, and the fall unbroken.
He screamed out, for words couldn't be spoken.

It hurt so bad he just wanted it to end.
All he had was an onlooking friend.
She didn't know what to do to fix his plight.
All she could do was stare at his fight.

The pain grew worse, he shouted out loud.
The horrible sounds drew in a crowd.
They each put a hand for comfort on the poor lad.
He put on his strongest face, but things were bad.

His friend took action and gave him a hug.
All he could do was internally say ugh.
It didn't help at all, but he had to be good.
The pain drove harder; he was strong as he could.

He walked himself home, unharmed they all thought.
But alone he screamed and shouted, where he wasn't caught.
His time alone became his time of greatest outward pain.
His time with others he hid the hurt and became insane.

Thought Plunger

Ever try to say something
And find a jam in your throat?
It lets out plenty of words
But a choice few it won't.

Don't you just hate
When you can't let it all out?
There's plenty you've said,
Only one you didn't talk about.

Isn't it hard
To deal with the clog?
Maybe it can clear up
On your poetry blog.